Not Bad For a Monday

Yesterday was a travel day to Oklahoma City. Was very surprised to see there was a front yard! The temperature was an honest 105 degrees and the cool breeze simply wasn’t. Was able to get things squared up with the family and progressed some more on the web sites… Cool stuff!


I got up uber early this morning and weeded out the berry vines. The toil was not as powerful as in times past but was still able to reconcile the matters at hand — Funny how that happens. Anyway, was able to thin out most of the dead growth this evening. The vines took about an 80% hit this year from all the extreme weather that’s been happening. All things considering, that’s not all bad especially considering that the strawberries are extinct except for two small plants. Will tackle that bed in the morning.

On the geek front, making lots of progress learning to work with RAW images using Aperture…. Not the cure all but pretty pleased…

Getaway Saturday

Busy day…

Battled a friend’s laptop from the office that simply refused to connect with the outside world. While attempting to open up its world, managed to get locked out. Next time, I’ll bring a hammer and fix it correctly.

Filled up another 1 terabyte external backup drive and now that I’m starting to shoot RAW mode, will be looking at a 2 terabyte model.

Full afternoon of shooting the Mid Summer Polynesian party at Jackie’s Brickhouse — The food was way over the top and the sights not often seen making for a great photo day.

Was in need of a quiet evening to decompress. Davenports wasn’t the place but Allegria was

The Return of STS-135 Atlantis Crew to Ellington & HTML 5

On assignment to Building 990, Flight Hanger for the B-57 and welcome home ceremony of the STS-135 Atlantis crew. The hanger was about as full as it could be and the temperature outside felt like 105 degrees.

Was able to get a few good shots from the media pit and need into learning shorthand reporting.

Found an interesting video that is pretty self explanatory:

Putting HTML 5 on my sooner than later list….

Bells & Whistles

I remember my parents ranting about the day radios were in every home and the black & white television was coming to the neighborhood appliance store. At the beginning of the high tech boom, ASCII art was the norm and the state of the art for photographs was GIF. I remember seeing my first GIF photos at a trade show on a green monochrome monitor connected to an Osborne suitcase sized portable computer.

Graphics have gone way beyond since — Here’s a few snapshots of time…

Hello world!

Today, at the tender age of 52, I’ve decided it was time to start a new site…

My first series of sites were Fidonet bulletin boards (!:382/100) in the early 80’s.  We ran this in the basement underneath a bar in Austin, Texas.  The software was a huge batch file, Remote Access, Front Door, Gecho and a PC’s Limited Intel 386 with a whopping 30meg hard drive and a 2400bps modem.

We did it for fun and pretty much gave our services away for free.  The notion of charging for on-line access was alien.

Boy how times have changed…