An Unorganized Heap of What Happened in 2011

I had a bit of time and threw together an unorganized heap of shots from the year. They’re either shots of people I promised to get to them but never got around to it, some of shots that didn’t make it, some shots that did, and some that I simply liked…

I hope your 2011 was a good one and all the best to your 2012, a year pundits tells us a doozie is in store.

All the Best!

Churning & burning…

Finished up this month’s Loose Notes write up for The SCENE Magazine… Whew!!!

This month, we covered:

The Scout Bar
Roadhouse 146
The Tree House
Mid Summer Luau
Clear Creek Winery
Jackie’s Brickhouse
Texas Hippie Connection
Return of the STS-135 Crew
Ice Hockey at the Space City Ice Rink


Tis time now to pack and get ready to shoot a wedding in Austin

Getaway Saturday

Busy day…

Battled a friend’s laptop from the office that simply refused to connect with the outside world. While attempting to open up its world, managed to get locked out. Next time, I’ll bring a hammer and fix it correctly.

Filled up another 1 terabyte external backup drive and now that I’m starting to shoot RAW mode, will be looking at a 2 terabyte model.

Full afternoon of shooting the Mid Summer Polynesian party at Jackie’s Brickhouse — The food was way over the top and the sights not often seen making for a great photo day.

Was in need of a quiet evening to decompress. Davenports wasn’t the place but Allegria was

The Return of STS-135 Atlantis Crew to Ellington & HTML 5

On assignment to Building 990, Flight Hanger for the B-57 and welcome home ceremony of the STS-135 Atlantis crew. The hanger was about as full as it could be and the temperature outside felt like 105 degrees.

Was able to get a few good shots from the media pit and need into learning shorthand reporting.

Found an interesting video that is pretty self explanatory:

Putting HTML 5 on my sooner than later list….