An Unorganized Heap of What Happened in 2011

I had a bit of time and threw together an unorganized heap of shots from the year. They’re either shots of people I promised to get to them but never got around to it, some of shots that didn’t make it, some shots that did, and some that I simply liked…

I hope your 2011 was a good one and all the best to your 2012, a year pundits tells us a doozie is in store.

All the Best!

Not Bad For a Monday

Yesterday was a travel day to Oklahoma City. Was very surprised to see there was a front yard! The temperature was an honest 105 degrees and the cool breeze simply wasn’t. Was able to get things squared up with the family and progressed some more on the web sites… Cool stuff!


I got up uber early this morning and weeded out the berry vines. The toil was not as powerful as in times past but was still able to reconcile the matters at hand — Funny how that happens. Anyway, was able to thin out most of the dead growth this evening. The vines took about an 80% hit this year from all the extreme weather that’s been happening. All things considering, that’s not all bad especially considering that the strawberries are extinct except for two small plants. Will tackle that bed in the morning.

On the geek front, making lots of progress learning to work with RAW images using Aperture…. Not the cure all but pretty pleased…