The Nutcracker – Draft

In the “doing something new” category, I’ve never been to a ballet until last Friday.

This show is an annual tradition presented by the Bay Area Houston Ballet & Theater. I’ll be culling through the pics and submit a few to the Editors at the SCENE Magazine for future publishing consideration.

The “rules” for photographing a ballet were a bit different than other live shows I’ve done — The organizers “prefer” nobody moves throughout the show, so….. I got to hang out in the production booth!

I shot this event using mostly my 70-200mm lens from the booth. Lighting was “challenging” and getting the white balance didn’t seem to do the trick as the magenta and red gels were pretty strong — So we made a guess…

2011 Wings Over Houston Media Day

The past three years, John & Betsey treats me with tickets to the annual Wings Over Houston Airshow.

This year’s show is looking like it’s shaping up to be the dandy with a whole gob of new displays and events. This year, I enjoyed a joy ride around the Clear Lake area in a Mitsubishi A-6 Zero replica. My pilot was Patrick Hutchins from Bayou Vista, Texas and flying with the Tora, Tora, Tora group for 8 years. He joined the squadron to fly with his father, Charles Hutchins, a machine shop owner from La Marque since 1956 and a 35 year veteran pilot with the squadron…

Twas cool!!!

Media Day Slideshow:

From previous years…

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Mud Run

This past weekend, got to cover an interesting event called The Original Mud Run with a local contingent from Cross Fit Bay Area.

I believe the event had 32 obstacles for the contestants to maneuver. For most of the day, I hung out at an obstacle where the contestant climbed a 10 foot obstacle and jumped into a muddy pool trusting it was deep enough. The muddy pool was 8 feet deep and the contestants were told this but not being able to see the bottom. The faces of the contestants varied considerably from initial apprehension to spirited gusto. Afterwards the looks of glee (that they didn’t break their necks) was quite the swing.

I found these contestants very inspirational…


Click here for the gallery…

Texas Renaissance Festival

Each autumn, a contingent from the Clear Lake area venture north to partake of the annual Texas Renaissance Festival. I’ve been fortunate to have attended twice. The live music is great as is the color. With this year’s Festival around the corner, thought I’d share a few pics…

Thanks to Manny, Amanda, Curt and all the Merry Mongers who make this annual trip a photo delight.


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